Freedom and Prosperity for Ordinary Americans

Escaping to Freedom and Prosperity by moving to Ukraine

Yes, it is still possible for ordinary hardworking Americans to retire comfortably on Social Security or a military pension alone.  If you have $75k for an condo here, you can live comfortably here on $500 a month for all utilities and taxes.  Including a cell phone plan and better internet than 90% of Americans have in the USA.  And what is even better, no one will drag you out of your car and beat you for being white.  No one will destroy your house looking for a gun you don't own.  And you will not have to answer to God for having paid for abortions and wars and corruption with your taxes.

Did you also know that Ukraine is safer for old people and women than anywhere in the USA?  Anywhere!

Disclaimer - this website is exploratory only.  We do not currently have a business in Ukraine and currently take no fees or income from Ukraine.


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