Please excuse us but we are going to be blunt.

  • Is your time worthless?  If not, why would you spend valuable time creating your own website with a free tool?  To save money?  But we thought your time was valuable, please excuse us!
  • Are you using Facebook or some other social media to find new customers?  Do you know what "Preaching to the Choir" means?  We thought you wanted new customers, not people that already know about you, please excuse us.
  • Are you still advertizing in newspapers and magazines and TV but hesitant to spend extra on a really good website?  Sorry, we thought you understood that we are in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century, not the 1970's.

Did you know that every good website has at least 3 characteristics?

  • A good website is visually attractive to your customers.  This will be our starting point.  Who are your customers and what will they like and not like?
  • A good website is technically attractive to Google, Microsoft and other search engines.  If a website cannot pass Google tools for both mobile and desktop, it is not a good website.  The home page is typically far more important than all other pages.  Try it  In fact, try it on this website's home page and try it on yours, if you have one.  If you are considering another vendor, try it on their website.
  • A good website has relevant text.  Relevant to your customer and relevant to Google searches that your new customers will use to find you.

Our standard fee is $25 per hour.  You can pay more for less or pay less for much less but we hope that you choose CIT Services.  Thanks for reading this far, and please excuse the blunt attitude.

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