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CIT provides video recording and production services within driving distance of Enfield CT.  Our primary focus is commercial rather than weddings or personal events, though we will do formal church wedding ceremonies for people we know.  We record a lot of dance, athletic and musical events.  We particularly focus on putting video onto websites since website design is our primary business.  We also produce both standard and Blu-Ray DVD's.

The video below was recorded at New Years Eve Extravaganza in Newton MA on December 31st, 2012.


This is uncompressed video at 960/540 and was recorded with our old camera.  We can deliver full HD.  Our production server tests at over 90Mbps in both directions so we can host video for you too.  A final note: We had never seen this routine prior to recording it.  The camera person did not know what the dancers were going to do until they did it.  Please re-watch it with this in mind.