SEO and Internet Promotion is not grunt work but neither is it technically difficult.  It is time consuming.  A typical retail business or restaurant should be spending between 8 hours a week and 80 hours a week on it, depending on whether the business is a single store front/restaurant or a chain business employing hundreds of people.

You could do it yourself - if you knew how.  You could outsource it to a US company and pay $40 an hour.  Or you could outsource it to us and pay $10 an hour and get better service.

So what is SEO and Internet Promotion:

  • SEO is traffic and links.  You need real people to create traffic becaue Google knows the patterns of computer generated traffic.  If they think that your traffic is coming from a computer in Asia, not only will they ignore that traffic, they will dock you for it.  If your links are not relevant, they will also dock you.  And if your links are rarely clicked on, they will not value the link.
  • Internet Promotion is Google Places for Business, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp and trade websites.  In general, you need reviews on these sites.  Occasionally you will get a bad review, sometimes from a competitor who is being unethical, sometimes from a professional complainer/extortionist.  These sites need to be monitored at least weekly and you need to respond to all reviews, either with a thank you or a sorry.  Again, you could do this yourself if you knew what to do and had the time.  You could pay a US SEO based company to overcharge you and ignore your reviews until they hurt your business and you find the offending review yourself.  Or you can talk to us.

The screenshot on the left is a Google Analytics report.  If you already have a website and you do not understand Google Analytics then you need us.  If you are paying someone else for SEO, you should get a monthly report.

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