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This website is a reference to Americans or Europeans that might want to live or work in Ukraine.  All information on this website is free.  We provide references but do not guaratee anything or accept liiability for any of our advertizers.  Nevertheless, WE HAVE DONE IT.  We have bought an apartment/condo in Kiev PROOF and we now run a US company from Ukraine full time.  It would be a long commute, but the internet removes the need to be in the USA.  In all ways the quality of life is much better here in Ukraine.  So what are YOU waiting for?  Why pay 2-5 times as much for anything associated with labor in the USA?  Ukraine is safe, significantly safer than most of the USA.  There is far less violent crime and people are more honest and very friendly.  And if Ukraine isn't enough, we are on the edge of Europe, an easy and cheap airline flight to all of Europe.

Disclaimer - this website is exploratory only.  We do not currently have a business in Ukraine and currently take no fees or income from Ukraine.


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