Ukraine is an Opportunity

No company in Information Techology can be an expert in everything.  Our focus is on business applications using ASP.NET, .NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

But SQL is SQL and we can develop for Oracle if you wish.  C is C, whether it is called C# or Java so we can develop in Java.  In particular, most Ukrainian universities teach Java so there are many good Java programmers available to us.

What really defines us is a focus on small to medium sized businesses in the USA.  Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail.  We can support eCommerce from other software vendors or we can write a custom eCommerce application for you.  We have also observed that there is NO complete robotics solution available to small and medium sized companies.  Of course you can buy a robot and you can program tht robot to do what it is physically capable of.  But what you cannot do is to integrate robots into your business without significant custom development.  This is what we are developing, a generic business application that sends macros to a robot and updates a SQL Server database with the results of a series of macros.  A "macro" is a series of detailed commands that results in an action such as "pick up this part and take a picture of it so it can be identified".

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.NET Software Development, Outsourced to Ukraine


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